Ethiopia and Beyond: New Additions to the Hess Collection

Robert L. Hess was a noted scholar of Ethiopian History who served as president of Brooklyn College from 1979 to 1992. In 1993, the Robert L. Hess Collection in African and Ethiopian history was deeded to the Brooklyn College Library by the late-President Hess’s widow, Frances A. Hess. Mrs. Hess has endowed a fund which allows the college to both care for and add to Dr. Hess’ Collection. The Hess Collection on Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa currently contains more than 5,000 volumes.

This exhibit features a small sample of the recent additions and donations to Dr. Hess’ collection. It is composed of artifacts that were donated from the Hess family to the Brooklyn College Archives, in 2016, featuring baskets, paintings, and other artifacts related to the culture and religions of Ethiopia, collected by the Hess family in their travels.


Curator: Juliana Magro